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You may well have heard your uncle or father spouting odd numbers in their portrayals of their great computer expertise – 286, 386, and 8088 and on and on. Confused ? What do these numbers mean. After all I know are Pentium computers and perhaps a few other models such as Dell, IBM and Intel Duo Core. Processors. These model numbers refer to the lineage of Intel Central Processing Units (CPUs) that are found in modernTo begin with the 8088 is the oldest of the early PC central Processing Unit (CPU) variant models. which means a rectangular case with two rows of 20 pins. DIP stands for Dual In-Line Package. Older 80800 CPUs are called 8088-2. As they can only run at lower speeds (believe it not 5 MHz or slower compared to a now 4000 MHz computer). By the way the 8088 had the equivalent of approximately 27,000 transistors.Competition from non IBM PC makers – “clone makers” who built computers out of the same components as “real” IBM PC. These hot rodders of their day souped up this first PC chip version to unheard of speeds It was not only computer speed that powered the sales growth for the clone makers. It must be remembered that pre IBM PC all of IBM’s computer hardware was made in house for IBM. The IBM PC – Personal Computer was remarkable in that most of the components were all third party – that is made by outside suppliers whose names Indeed the agreed to standards were often those developed already for products inn production. At the worst they were now IBM standardized. The die was set, when people such as Michael Dell realized that they could put together an IBM PC look-alike work alike and sell it for $ 3,000 rather than the approximate $ 10,000 for the authentic IBM PC they were off and running. Although it was often said of corporate buyers that “You can never go wrong buying IBM” for the then geeks and amateur computer users it was an entirely different business plan. They were referred to as “Turbo” PCs.However it was not only cost that propelled the computer industry onwards. If it was not for the innovators – the clone maker’s engineers at such companies as Compaq Computer you might still be using that now primitive IBM PC running at 5 MHz. The Turbo PC/XT clones ran at the then unbelievable and unheard of speed of 6.6, 7.16 and even 8.0 MHz. Giant IBM the monolith computer industry leader was not only being made to look foolish with .the likes of Apple Computer in far away California but now that they had released their long heralded personal computer they were being upstaged on their own playing field.
INext in line along the route of vintage computer evolution was the 80286 chip. Designed by Intel in 1981 the 286 packed a wallop of more power that the 8088 did. The 80286 is the equivalent of about 130,000 transistors in the actual similar volume of the 8088′s 29,000 transistors. Not unexpectedly similar to the heat production problem of today’s Pentium type computers extra cooling requirement is needed. We are left today in our modern computers with the benefits of the foresight of the electronic engineers of the day with the inventions of various types of heat sinks. Heat sinks one way or another are in effect radiators to dispel heat in a similar means and manner to you might have in your car.Lastly came the 386 chipset which is the direct predecessor of our modern Pentiums.
The chip is properly called the 80386 by the still leading chip manufacture Intel. Introduced in 1985, the 80386 comes in a PGA package and is the equivalent of about 250,000 transistors. The 386 variants a wealth of programming features including the core vital ability to multitask DOS programs with the help of “hyerpervisor” programs like DesqView /386 or VRM/386. Its 32 bit data path speeds data access. Interestingly it took later hardware in the next 486 era chips to fully take broad scale advantage of these built in innovations.Interestingly enough there was also a downsized less costly and powerful example sporting a similar moniker name of CPU called the 386SX. The 386SX was identical except to the real 386 version – the 386DX except for the vital fact that it had a 16 bit data path which it was said allowed it be more easily incorporated into earlier and less costly AT type 286 16 bit computer hardware. Imagine the confusion at the time in computer buyers who did not have access to ready information as we do today on the internet. Many people bought what they thought were an advanced 386 computer when in essence they had a much downsized version. Most likely they were more than impressed with their own research, computer buying and bargaining skills.In the end though you get what you pay for. The fabled John Dvorak “Dvorak’s Law is that “No matter what they tell you your next computer will cost you…” At the time of the 8088 it was $ 10,000 then $ 5,000 $, $ 3,000, $ 1500 now $ 500- 800 perhaps.
In the end you get a tremendous amount for value for your money. Even though it may be said as well that you get what you pay for.

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There’s no doubt almost every household has a computer – at least those located in a technologically-powered area. That being the case, a customer repair franchise is a good business.Despite the growing number of companies incorporating computers into their over-all business operation, there is always a demand for computer repair, plus the fact that there are tons of IT related services all through out the modern market. This results to an opportunity to launch your very own computer repair franchise.Picture yourself the businessman behind the premier provider of emergency response computer service in the country. Just make sure you deliver the technical and back-office support your clients need. Your service must also be around the clock and fast!A computer repair franchise is a business that must be able to solve computer problems and provide solutions to the wide array of customer needs.The key to having a successful computer repair franchise is by offering your customers the following emergency response services: emergency repairs, upgrades, data recovery, disaster recovery, virus prevention and instant support.Plus, you could also offer the following business automation to your clients: distribution, accounting, manufacturing, installation, implementation, e-commerce, training, wireless and pager integration and web design.In order to solve the modern computer problems faced by countless users today, a computer repair franchise must have the resources mentioned above. They must also be able to control their professional future and continue and keeping their customers satisfied.A computer repair franchise can succeed as a business by having the assistance and support of the big players in the computer industry such as Microsoft, Novell, Cisco, Compaq, IBM and Macola.The next step is to train your employees. In order for your computer repair franchise business to be one of the best in its field, your employees must know computer support like the back of their hands.In order to maintain your business, you must have training programs involved in the concentration of activities taking place in sales department, dispatchers and customer service.You must also be clear with the customer and employee legal contracts to avoid complications in the future which could lead to a possible downfall of your computer repair franchise.Invoicing, purchasing and collection assistance are also crucial aspects in a computer repair franchise that deserves to get the owner’s attention. By closely monitoring these, the businessman (you) will have a better understanding of what is going on with his company.You must also be updated on the status of the services you provide your customers: web hosting, product expediting, shipping, receiving, quoting and vendor certification assistance.Pricing recommendations, marketing, advertising, accounts payable and insurance assistance are the financial areas of the computer repair franchise. With proper budgeting, the business can boom even more despite the up and down costs.Chances are if you are a computer pro, then you pretty much know the computer 101 and can easily share your knowledge to those who are in need of enlightening. Only the best computer professionals and organizations can provide top-notch computer repair franchise.By delivering the goods – the best technology, the quickest support and a friendly network – your computer repair franchise can easily thrive in the industry. Amidst your competition, as long as you provide what the client needs then your business is here to stay.